All Good connects communities by sharing returned goods with local charities and families

Bringing communities together

All Good, a registered 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization, started with the idea that we can do better, together. Building bridges within our communities and solving important problems, like eliminating waste in our society, benefits everyone. All Good’s team understands that technology can be a double-edged sword. While it can alienate, it can also facilitate. For us, things like data, automation and information systems are awesome enablers that we’re harnessing to provide a philanthropic distribution process for returned goods.

How we operate and measure our impact

All Good works with commercial distribution centers to help customize and improve their reverse logistics waste streams. Put plainly, when a customer returns a product, the company decides whether or not to send it back through the supply chain for resale, store it or dispose of it. All Good sees this as an amazing opportunity. We use data to increase the efficiency of this process, so that local charities can benefit from unused goods, while distribution centers can save on waste disposal costs. Eliminating environmental waste is a win-win for all.


Loomis Chaffee research project

To kick off the formation of All Good, we’ve invited students at Loomis Chaffee prep school to participate in a design thinking exercise and overall research project. These young, bright minds are helping us strategize the best ways that All Good can offer returned goods to underserved communities while sustaining itself as a not-for-profit organization.


Elena's Light

Working with Elena’s Light in New Haven, Connecticut, we’re helping immigrant and refugee families by providing the basic things they need to settle in their new communities in the United States.


Our Team

Elizabeth Appel

Founder and Community Engagement Director

Liz works primarily as a Senior Physical Therapist at NYU Health in NYC. Through this role she has helped a variety of patients at different stages of recovery, to achieve goals and make positive changes in their lives by improving function and quality of life.

Liz was raised in Woodstock, NY where she learned about community involvement from a young age. Whether it be volunteering at the local homeless shelter where she helped to organize food drives as a teenager to acting as a mentor and coach on the ski slopes, Liz has always found her energy best utilized by helping others.

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Daniel Montana

Executive Director

Daniel works as a Senior Operations Manager at PwC where he spends his days optimizing workflows, in pursuit of everyone and everything working together. Reading about the vast amount of waste in online retail, he became interested in experimenting with how we might bring greater efficiency to the donation process while improving community engagement.

This “experiment” has led to the formation of All Good where he’s leading the charge to demonstrate how a small group of people can come together to enact social change. We intend to spread the “all good” philosophy by leading by example and sharing stories that demonstrate the ripple effects of kindness.

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